Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why do we need romance novels? Authors have answers

By Joyce Lamb, USA TODAY

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is all about love, love, love. And not just for people, but also for romance novels. (Isn't that why we're here, after all?)

We asked authors and readers some questions about the importance of romance novels in our lives and, boy, did they respond! Every hour on the hour today (continuing at 10 a.m. ET until 6 p.m.), I'm going to post what they shared — and you can share your feelings, too, in the comments. Warm fuzzies for everyone! You might also want to check out the story I wrote in today's Your Life section of USA TODAY about why we love romance novels. You can find it here, too. And, stay tuned to HEA for our announcement later today of the winners of the #HEA140 tweet contest.

HEA asked romance authors: Why do we need romance novels? Authors' responses are listed with the title of their most recent or upcoming release.

Cindy Gerard, Last Man Standing
"Shortly after 9/11, I asked myself this same question. What was I contributing? How could what I did possibly be relevant in the face of a nation in mourning. A nation in crisis. For some time, I couldn't bring myself to write. It seemed so trivial. But then a dear author friend of mine pointed out what should have been obvious. Now more than ever, the world needs validation that good wins over evil. That there can be happily ever afters. That love heals and love gives strength. So I started writing again ... about strong men and women overcoming the worst life could throw at them. And I know now that I'm providing not only entertainment, but a service, if you will.

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