Monday, September 5, 2011

I LOVE Canadians!

According to iTunes Book Chart Info website, my Cabin Fever: And the Flames Burned Higher is #9 in Erotica Books in Canada! Those long cold Canadian winter nights are perfect for snuggling up with a good erotic romance book.

Thank you, my neighbors to the north! MUUUU WAHHH!

Cabin Fever: And the Flames Burned Higher (Erotic Romance) has appeared on the charts 11 times. It has appeared on charts in Australia, Canada, USA. It has appeared on the Erotica genre charts.

Affairs of the Heart (Book Two)
Top Ten - Preditors & Editors Poll

The beautiful and sexy Marcie Treyhorne is a steel magnolia who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Marcie's story began in DESERT HEAT. Her saga continues in CABIN FEVER. Marcie leaves the blistering heat of the desert but the searing passion she carries to the northern Nevada mountains will melt the deepest of winter snows.

Author Janet Elaine Smith states, "...the ending is a twist that will hit you like a runaway train! You won't want to miss this one!"

“Renamed the ‘Diva of Romance’ by her fans, Kristie Leigh Maguire writes with a style and flair often copied but rarely duplicated. Her ability to capture the pure animal heat in her characters takes the reader to a realm of surreal pleasure rarely found in today's writing.” – Mark Haeuser     

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