Monday, March 26, 2012

Move over Peyton Place!

What can I say? I lived in a trailer park for about three years and the comings and going of the many individuals weren't quite as spicy as the characters Kristie and Mark developed, but they were close. I could see the old football hero Billy Ray Nixon and his buddies hanging out at the Amtrack catching a brew each evening after work an discussing events of no substance. Reminded me of "Married with Children." Al and Peg Bundy make a comeback.

Billy Ray's wife Beth Anne decides it is time to get out of her everyday life and buys a PC. She is bound and determined to right a best seller so she can get out of her rut of cutting hair and being the main contributor (not by choice) to the Grapevine Gazette. The writer for the Gazette has a true axe to grind with Beth Anne and takes every opportunity to embarrass her at every turn. Well, Beth Anne is taking it no more and enters the world of cyberspace. Billy Ray thinks its an old Star Trek re-run.

What she doesn't realize is she is starting journey that will not only shake-up the entire town of Grapevine, Ky and the coming and goings of most of the residents, her research and writing is really going to spice up her marriage in ways neither of them even imagined in high school. They just thought they were having fun.

WARNING! This book is not PG rated. It is hot and steamy with more sex (at times) then the law allows. Not only to Billy Ray and Beth Anne re-ignite passion in their relationship, after Billy Ray sneaks a chapter out of the trailer (Beth Anne warned him to stay away from HER computer) and reads some excerpts to his buddies down at the Amtrack ( on a dare), Beth Anne's writings have a profound effect on them and their wives.

If you like a book filled with sex (Linda Lovelace would have a "hard' time keeping up), revenge, espionage (trailer park style), gossip (move over Barbera Eden-Harper Valley), feuding neighbors (yeah, Hatfields and McCoys), I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Think that sums it. Need to take a cold shower now.
Amazon review from Jeff Dawson.

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