Friday, April 6, 2012

Bitter-sweet love story

From Amazon Reviewer (L. Mihay) - 4 stars

Mike & Jane have grown up, together, on neighboring ranches, kissed & declared their love for one another at 13 & 12. It's always been assumed that they would marry, but suddenly Mike goes off the deep end, marrying a total stranger he met 2 weeks before. Is Jane upset. You BET!!!! This is a story of love rocked to the core by betrayal. Do the characters react like you think they should? Not a chance...BUT they react like real people (some, at least) do.

In the background is Jane's widower Father, and Mike's widowed Mother, who finally admit that they don't think of each other as Brother & Sister any more. Second chances do happen, and watching this undercurrent develop is endearing.

This is a clean book, of heartbreak, love and second chances.

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